You shall provide the following declaration in the manner as specified by us:

I / We am / are not prohibited from accessing capital markets under any order/ruling/judgment etc., of any regulation, including SEBI. I / We confirm that my application is in compliance with applicable Indian and foreign laws. I / We hereby confirm and declare as under:-

  1. I / We have read, understood and hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the scheme related documents and apply for allotment of Units of the Scheme(s) of AMC (“Fund”).
  2. I / We am / are eligible Investor(s) as per the scheme related documents and am / are authorised to make this investment as per the Constitutive documents / authorization(s). The amount invested in the Scheme(s) is through legitimate sources only and is not for the purpose of contravention and/or evasion of any act, rules, regulations, notifications or directions issued by any regulatory authority in India.
  3. The information given in / with this application form is true and correct and further agree to furnish such other further/additional information as may be required by the asset management company (AMC / Fund) and undertake to inform the AMC / Fund/ Registrars and Transfer Agent (RTA) in writing about any change in the information furnished from time to time.
  4. That in the event, the information and/or any part of it is/are found to be false / untrue / misleading, I/We will be liable for the consequences arising therefrom.
  5. I / We hereby authorise the Fund, AMC and its Agents to disclose my / our details including investment details to my / our bank(s) /Fund’s bank(s) and / or Distributor / Broker / Investment Advisor and to verify my / our bank details provided by me / us, or to disclose to such service providers as deemed necessary for conduct of business.
  6. I / We confirm that I / We do not have any existing Micro SIP / Investments which together with the current application will result in aggregate investments exceeding Rs. 50,000/- in a financial year or a rolling period of one year (Applicable for PAN exempt category of investors).
  7. I / We will indemnify the Fund, AMC, Trustee, RTA and other intermediaries in case of any dispute regarding the eligibility, validity and authorization of my/our transactions.
  8. The ARN holder (AMFI registered Distributor) has disclosed to me / us all the commissions (in the form of trail commission or any other mode), payable to him / them for the different competing Schemes of various Mutual Funds from amongst which the Scheme is being recommended to me / us.
  9. I/We hereby confirm that I / We have not been offered / communicated any indicative portfolio and / or any indicative yield by the Fund / AMC / its distributor for my/our investments. I / We also confirm that I / We have read and understood the FATCA & CRS Terms and Conditions and hereby accept the same. I/We declare that the information provided in this form is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, accurate and complete. I further undertake to advise the AMC /Mutual Fund/ Trustees promptly of any change in circumstances which causes the information contained herein to become incorrect and to provide the AMC /Mutual Fund/ Trustees with a suitably updated self-declaration within 30 days of such change in circumstances. Applicable to Foreign Nationals Resident in India only: I/We will redeem my/our entire investment/s before I / We change my / our Indian residency status. I/We shall be fully liable for all consequences (including taxation) arising out of the failure to redeem on account of change in residential status. Applicable to NRIs / PIO / OCIs only: I / We am / are not prohibited from accessing capital markets under any order / ruling / judgment etc., of any regulation, including SEBI. I / We confirm that my application is in compliance with applicable Indian and foreign laws.
  10. I confirm that the Company/IFA/Broker has disclosed to me all the commissions (trail commission or any other mode), payable to them for the different competing Schemes of various Mutual Funds amongst which the Scheme is being recommended to me. I confirm that details provided by me are true and correct.
  11. I understand that the Company/IFA/Broker would help me maintain asset allocation in line with risk profile.
  12. I will not dispute and/or hold the Company/IFA/Broker responsible for any loss, notional or otherwise, incurred because of suggested investment and withdrawal amounts in different mutual fund schemes. I also understand that the Company would do this on a best effort basis.
  13. I acknowledge if I have placed a redemption (full or partial) request from a channel other ARN holder (Milan Seth) then the available withdrawal amount in their recordĀ  may not be in sync. I acknowledge that under such circumstances redemption order may fail or be partially fulfilled. I understand that after my withdrawal request is processed by Milan Seth (ARN-25327) the money may take up to 1 (one) business day (for debt funds) and 3 (three) business days (for equity funds) or more to be credited to my bank account.
  14. I confirm that the bank account details displayed at the time of redemption request are correct and I am the primary account holder of the bank account displayed. I authorize AMC/Fund to use this bank account to redeem my amount. I understand that there may be early exit charges as per SID / SAI / KIM of the scheme(s) chosen on the platform.
  15. I am a tax resident of India and Indian citizen. I am not a tax resident of USA or Canada.
  16. I am aware that FundEasy is a platform where investors place order for execution. Under no circumstances is FundEasy or Milan Seth liable or responsible and does not represent or warrant any damage due to non execution or incorrect execution of any Orders.I understand FundEasy and Milan Seth have taken best efforts to provide data but under no circumstances , I will dispute/question or put FundEasy/Milan Seth liable for any discrepancy in data mentioned in the app.I acknowledge that the data does not mean any investment advice and I will refer to the Scheme Information Document by the AMC/ Fundhouse.