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Mutual fund is a form of investment where your funds are managed by an expert. On average the returns are higher than fixed deposit, real estate or life insurance as your money is invested by an expert.

Mutual Funds make a great investment option because of the following reasons:

  • High Returns
  • Liquidity
  • Security
  • Full transparency
  • Tax Benefits
  • Choose your own amount
  • Partial Redemption
  • Minimal maintenance costs

Compare mutual funds with fixed deposit, property, insurance, gold, stock trading

At FundEasy we firmly believe that investing in Mutual Funds should be as easy as doing a mobile recharge. Our aim is to help our users understand what mutual funds are and help them invest into mutual funds with ease.

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Our support doesn’t end there. For long term wealth creation the investor needs to keep a track of his portfolio. A good investor updates his portfolio every 6 months (Removing funds that are not performing well and adding the funds which are doing well). We support our users through this entire process, helping them make the right decisions.